Silver medal AmirHosein Sadeghimanesh 18.05.2012
Receiving silver medal in the national mathematical competition of bachelor students on 18th of May 2012 (36th Iranian Mathematics Competition). The person I'm shaking shaking hand with is Alireza Reza Medghalchi.

Getting updated regularly ^_^
 I know a bit from many languages and I want to improve my level to be fluent in all of them. Persian is my native language, I use English for my work, I learnt a lot about Arabic and Korean. I know a bit of Russian and Japanese too. Right now I'm working on my Thai .
 I use Python, Julia, C++, Mathematica , Maple and Matlab for my research projects. I also use VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TkInter and Flask for my own hobbies ^_^

My formal photos from age 14 up to today . ^_^

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